M2M communication

72horas is the leading company in Spain specializing in M2M communication for the elevator sector and the European leader in the supply of mobile lines and management of the EN 81-28 standard. Registered as a national operator in the Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC), it is the only platform that scrupulously complies with the European standard EN 81-28, having made Spain the European leader in security.

72Horas allows the installations to comply with the EN 81-28 standard, providing a telephone line that the passenger can use in case of emergency and on the other hand, allowing the lift technician to have visibility of the installation at all times through 72Horas Manager, as reflected in the community regulation.

  • What does the service offer?
  • 72horas Manager
  • Echo Test

The firm offers a service of proactive control of breakdowns, analyzing the warnings of the auto-dialer and the GSM link, contacting the client before any type of failure or problem occurs in its deployment of elevators.

72Horas is not just a supplier, it is a technology partner that provides global solutions to ensure customers safety, technological advancement and competitiveness. The service offers:

  • Mobile telephony services with multi-operator coverage including calls to national fixed and mobile phones as well as to intelligent network for EN 81-28 compliance, data and SMS for device configuration.
  • Supply of GSM devices, optimized with our own software and with the latest technologies in the sector.
  • 72horas Manager.
  • Technical support to offer advice and resolve incidents.
  • Personalized developments to give solution to the needs of each client.
  • Exclusive services: Echo Test and telemetry.
  • Real time information.
  • Logistic center to assure shipments to any point of Europe in a minimum term.

72Horas Manager is the only management platform in the European elevator market that allows working with any type of remote alarm or bidirectional communication system without the need for the customer to work with external modems or extra software. Available through web and app, its development has been based on the principles of security, compatibility and technological innovation, through a detailed study and analysis of customer satisfaction and optimization of internal processes.

The platform allows:

  • Compliance EN 81-28 fixed line + mobile.
  • Diagnosis of the lift deployment.
  • Confirmation of personalized alerts and notices.
  • Remote and real-time programming of rescue teams.
  • Access from any device via web and app.
  • Hyperactivity control to avoid repetitive incidents and prevent excess consumption.
  • Management of type breakdown, request for cancellation and communications.
  • Order history.
  • Generation of reports on the state of the elevator park, as well as the operation of all contracted services.

Thanks to the 72-hora Echo Test system, all rescue calls made by technicians to verify the emergency system (cabin pushbutton, microphone, loudspeaker and telephone line) are fully automated.

This system is activated by capturing a QR code found in the engine room. From that point on, when the technician makes the cabin check call, the call is diverted to the 72-hora cloud.

With Echo Test, 72Horas allows your customers:

  • Automate verification calls, decongesting offices and rescue services.
  • Record the speeches made by the technicians in the booth in real time and store them in 72HorasManager.
  • Verify and control that the technician has been in the installation, determining day, time and time spent.
  • Receive a daily email with the revisions that have been made.
  • Provide solutions for both fixed and mobile lines, thinking about the future but without forgetting the existing facilities.
  • Its activation or deactivation through the Nayar Systems platform.










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