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Nayar Systems brings IoT closer to the user through net4machines as an industrial IoT service provider. This service will offer us net4machines VPN, a secure network that allows us to transmit the data recorded in each of the facilities. Also net4machines Smart Control, which through the management platform is responsible for processing such data into information understandable to the user. net4machines Smart Control offers us a dual service. On the one hand, telemetry, responsible for identifying the origin of the recorded data, and on the other, telecontrol, with which to control and configure the equipment remotely without having to travel to the installation.

  • net4machines VPN
  • net4machines Smart Control
  • net4machines Manager

net4machines VPN is a virtual private network (VPN) designed and optimized to interconnect all types of machines and devices over the Internet. It goes beyond the communication machine to machine (M2M), allowing to manage and monitor through the online platform all the machines and devices connected to the VPN network. Allows machines and devices connected to the Internet anywhere in the world to exchange information securely as if they were on the same local network; without the need for modifications to computer equipment.

Connection options

There are three simple and quick options to connect a machine to the net4machines VPN:

  • Installing the net4machines router.
  • Running the net4machines VPN client (64Kb) on the machine or device to be controlled remotely.

The net4machines VPN works with all the existing internet accesses in the market, providing important advantages:

  • Total independence from the fixed/mobile operator.
  • Use any type of Internet connectivity simultaneously (3G/4G, ADSL, satellite, WiMAX).
  • Reduces data consumption by applying advanced streaming compression technologies.
  • Manage and monitor machines and devices in any location or country.
Solve the problems of obsolescence

The net4machines router allows you to connect any machine or device to the Internet (ADSL, 3G/4G, SAT, WiMAX ), provided by industrial interfaces such as RS-232, RS-485, CAN bus and Ethernet. Inside, Vmodem software transforms analog communications into digital, solving the problems of obsolescence of analog technology:

  • Incompatibility with fiber optic networks.
  • High telephone bills for machines with hyperactive connections defect.
  • Discontinuity in the manufacture of analog modems.
  • Disappearance of the GPRS data network.
  • Impossibility of monitoring in real time.
Total control and online

net4machines also allows you to have total control and online:

  • It manages accounts, users, domains, structure, permissions, data compression, etc. in an agile and simple way.
  • Monitors the status of devices in real time.
  • Establishes alerts with e-mail or SMS alerts that inform about unexpected events such as disconnections, excessive network usage, etc.
  • Access devices without having to remember their IP, as they all receive a host name mapped on the Internet in our DNSs.
  • The large capacity of the net4machines VPN allows you to include all the necessary devices.
  • It allows to organize the devices in domains and subdomains and to specify access permissions and visibility for a total security in the network.
  • Hourly, daily, monthly and annual statistics for each device, relating to the data consumed and the number of connections.

An industrial installation generates, through its components, a multitude of data. Data that with the appropriate treatment can be transformed into valuable information with which to make objective and efficient decisions. Aware of this, from Nayar Systems we have always focused our products and services to the accessibility, understanding and usefulness of this information, allowing the user to access it easily and simply. In short, connect people with machines.

Through the Smart Control telemetry and telecontrol service, net4machines allows its customers to receive the data generated by their facilities processed, filtered and transformed into information. In a complementary way we give the option that the user is not just a receiver, but can also interact with the installation through remote control of lift controller through virtual consoles.

Multi-brand tool
  • Manages devices from the same platform from different manufacturers.
  • Allows comparison of data between devices of different scopes.
  • Platform available through web and app (available for iOS and Android).
  • Analyze the data collected by all your compatible devices directly from the net4machines Manager platform.
  • Creates alerts in real time about the events that occurred in the installation.
  • Control and configure your computers as if you were in the installation itself.
  • Save costs and time by avoiding travel.
Expert rules
  • Configure the rules based on patterns adapting them to your elevator park.

The data recorded in the installation and processed with the net4machines Smart Control service is presented to the user through net4machines Manager, a management platform that allows for easy and comfortable interaction with the installations. Similarly, the virtual consoles currently available for remote management of lift controllers are also available on this platform.

net4machines Manager
  • Access from web and from app.
  • Management and validation of alerts.
  • Creation of installation templates to facilitate the use of the platforms.
  • Remote control of your devices (lift controller, variator, etc.).
  • Real-time monitoring.

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    We make the ordinary something extraordinary.
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